Newport Classic Cars

1951 Ford Woodie

Surfer's perfect ride.

A beach boy special.

VIN Number B1RH140118

Plate No. SURF51


The last year of the iconic Ford Woodie that inspired the Beach Boys and all of California's surfer cult. The Woodie was a style of car with production beginning in the 1940s that had the majority of its rear section made out of wood. Most of the Woodies made were station wagons. These cars were used by railway stations in order to transport small shipments of cargo or for luggage. The wood on a Woodie was coated in a clear coat finish in order to make it weather resistant and to add to the appeal of the automobile. The styling was very popular when it was released because in previous years manufacturers were putting steel or aluminum paneling over wooden frames.

Taking the metal out of the equation and using frames made out of strictly wood made the cars be able to be produced cheaper, therefore making them cheaper for consumers as well. The high utility and cool styling made the Woodie a hit, however it was this styling that also proved to be its downfall. In the 50s new federal safety regulations and changes in automotive styling forced the Woodie to cease production. The final manufacturers to create Woodies were Ford and Lincoln, and even then these car's panels were not made out of wood, but simply out of a new type of vinyl with a wood grain finish.

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